What to do with insanely stupid app reviews on Google Play?

I just had this wonderful brainfart looking through my text adventure app reviews on Google Play. As does everybody, I got a number of insanely stupid one star ratings and by that I don’t mean dumb as in “didn’t bother to read the instructions”, but as in “the phone is 10 times smarter than it’s user!”. Well, not much you can do about those (except maybe use my review browser tool). So wouldn’t it be fun to have a “Hall of Shame” section on the app’s website? Collect screenshots of the most ridiculous reviews and post them there for general amusement? Would be a nice and cheap way to add more content to the website, but unfortunately, it would also incentivize trolls to leave horrible reviews on purpose. So, bad idea!

Well, if anyone has a good idea on what to do shitty reviews in general, I got the code to download them in bulk from any given app.

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