The GDPR is here! Panic!

Just had this curious question scroll by: “Should I lock European users out of my website because of the GDPR?”

Uh-huh? Well, either you do business in the EU or you don’t. If you do, you must comply with the GDPR anyway. If you don’t, you are not subject to it. In both cases locking out EU citizens is the wrong thing to do (legally and business wise)!

If you don’t have an office in the EU, our laws can’t touch you. Congrats, you get a last respite till the GDPR is adopted by your country (it will happen eventually). Instead of trying to figure out how not to do business with Europeans, you should rather use that extension to get compliant. After all, not the law is the problem, your business model is! If you are in panic now, just ask yourself what you will do in a couple of years, when a local version of the GDPR will apply to you.

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