SEO and a company, dead for three decades

Infocom was closed down in May 1989. Barely any one still remembers the name, but curiously, I find that most people install the Text Fiction app to play Zork, Infocom’s first and most popular game which lives on in pop culture and is referenced now and then in TV shows like the Big Bang Theory.

And here I was trying to get my app ranked in Google for terms such as “interactive fiction”. So much for listing to all those copy cat articles by SEO experts, flooding the internet. Lesson learned: Forget about keyword tools and keyword research. That’s just flim flam and tea leaf reading. Instead build your site, get some traffic from places authoritative in your niche, observe what your visitors are really looking for. Then pick your most attractive piece(es) of content and let your links grow around that. Use search suggestion terms for anchors.

Oh, and another important thing to note: Avoid one page website designs like the plague! If you want search engine traffic, there needs to be tons of content. It must be interlinked and there should be frequent additions. One page product description websites just won’t cut it.

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