Google banned Huawei from using Android?

Now, that’s what I call a bomb to start the week with. Supposedly, existing devices will continue to function, but that’s just a technicality. Google could easily lock them out as well if ordered by Trump to do so (A device will always disclose it’s model and brand, along with a shitton of other sensitive information whenever contacting Play).

The whole clusterfuck is hopefully a wakeup call to everyone. First to the users as a reminder that privacy matters! This is precisely why the “I have nothing to hide…” argument is bullshit: rules can change anytime and with a madman at the top of the government, all bets are off. Second, and more importantly, to the app developers: relying on the Playstore as your sole distribution channel is a already tremendously bad idea (your account can be terminated at any time for any reason). Users can always use Raccoon to download apps from Play if their device does not have the Gapps suite. But if your app to depends on Google Services, you are screwed. Never ever include anything starting with “Google Play” from the Extras section in the Android SDK Manager.

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