Getting in touch with users who (anonymously) left poor ratings on Google Play

Let’s say you just published a brand new app on Google Play, then the first couple of days are crucial. Every review/rating counts and nothing will get your blood pressure up like unjustified downvotes. Let’s face it, some users plain are assholes (e.g. those who see ratings only as a means to extort you). Others might just have misjudged your app and would reconsider if asked nicely, but that’s the problem! Play doesn’t let you communicate with your users (efficiently). Sure, the Play console allows you to reply to reviews, however, that’s a pain and doesn’t work when a user only rated.

So, is there a way to directly contact user who reviewed your app (anonymously)? Coincidentally, I found one as a byproduct of rewriting Raccoon’s core! I can’t integrate it into the main app yet, so for the time being, I’ll publish it as an add-on.

Instructions: Download the Raccoon APK Downloader and the Raccoon Review Browser. Setup the APK downloader first, verify that you can download your app (hint: you can search Play for specific apps, by putting “pname:” in front of the package name). Then shut down the APK downloader and start the review browser. Load your app by entering it’s package name. Click the names of the users to be taken to their GPlus profile.

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