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SEO and a company, dead for three decades

Infocom was closed down in May 1989. Barely any one still remembers the name, but curiously, I find that most people install the Text Fiction app to play Zork, Infocom’s first and most popular game which lives on in pop

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Deep links to software downloads – the idiocy that just won’t stop!

My website statistics are off. If I were to believe Piwik, only about half of the visitors to the Raccoon page will actually download the application. Doing a quick grep over the webserver logs and counting unique IP addresses comes

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WordPress AdSense injection

I have about had it with WordPress AdSense plugins. There’s a ton of them out there (including themes with banner support) and none works properly. I don’t just want to inject a banner into a page, I want to inject

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The thing about download managers…

Here’s something I keep seeing in the webserver’s log (IP address anonymized) all the time:

And this is actually a rather tame example with “only” 17 requests (can be considerably more). What’s happening there? Well, The user in question

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