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How to deal with cold calls

The phone rings. I hate that on the best of days, but in particular when I’m in the bathroom. There’s a 50:50 chance of there being a telemarketer on the other end trying to convince me to change my supplier

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How to get ADB without downloading the entire Android SDK

ADB (short for Android Debug Bridge) is a tool pretty much everyone should have. Unfortunately, it comes bundled as part of the Android SDK and that’s a several hundred megabyte download (not to mention that the download page itself is

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The thing about download managers…

Here’s something I keep seeing in the webserver’s log (IP address anonymized) all the time:

And this is actually a rather tame example with “only” 17 requests (can be considerably more). What’s happening there? Well, The user in question

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A local Pushbullet replacement

I often have a need to to copy an URL from my desktop to my Android tablet. Sure, I could use Pushbullet for that, but seriously? Is it really necessary to sign up for an external service and send the

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Amoled displays: How to fix screen burn-in

Amoled screens are a constant source of “fun”. First the manufacturers promise you a phone with a longer battery life since black pixels consume no power. Then suddenly every app must have a dark theme (or it only gets a

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What do you know… F-Droid can look pretty!

I never really understood why F-Droid went with WordPress. Sure, you can use a blogging platform to build a catalog of apps. You can also use dynamite to get rid of the moles in your garden. Both works, but neither

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HOWTO: Download Android TV apps with Raccoon

Judging by my email folder, Android smart TVs are getting popular. Big problem: Raccoon is unable to find Android TV exclusive apps. That’s not really surprising when you know that Google Play filters search results by device compatibility (among other

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