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How to increase your AdSense CPC

The unfortunate truth about running a website is that web hosting costs money. The ugly, behind the unfortunate truth is that we are pretty much stuck with advertisement to recover the cost. So you set up AdSense and after a

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Simple hardware hack to make your PC fast again

Did you ever have feeling that your computer has been getting slower lately? Got dropping Framerate for no apparent reason? Everything generally feeling more laggy, even though the software stayed the same?

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Where does Raccoon store my credentials (and how can I view them)?

People ask (me) fairly often, how Raccoon handles their Google account (and if it’s safe to trust the software with their passwords). From my point of view, that’s a funny question. I’m always tempted to answer: “if the idea of

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Exporting Apps from Raccoon (into F-Droid repositories,…)

The question came up in a support request, but is probably interesting enough to blog about: “How do I write a script to copy apps from Raccoon‘s own repository to some place else?”

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When Raccoon can’t find a specific app on Play…

Just had a rather long email exchange concerning a particularly elusive app and it ended with a facepalm moment (as in: why didn’t I think of that?).

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About the TextFiction game catalog

It hasn’t been a problem so far, but Id like to make the following statement concerning TextFiction and the catalog of games, I keep on my website:

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How to get your app noticed – Part II

Part I was all about cross promotion and naturally I caught flak: how dare I write something like that under the title “how to get your app noticed” and not give a detailed step by step, easy to follow tutorial

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Getting rid of low CPC AdSense banners

Last time, we talked about why it is necessary to weed out your AdSense inventory from time to time (read: bi-weekly). Today, let’s talk about how to figure out who the cheapskates are that you want to get rid off

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Wasps in the house (and how to get rid of them)!

I have this deal with mother nature: she stays outside and I don’t go there while her bees and flowers do their thing. That way no innocent paper tissues get snotted on. Everything could be fine if it weren’t for

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How to get your app noticed

Got a developer account on Google Play? I do. And since Google mandates a public (support) email address, I get spammed daily by sleezeballs trying to sell me their “app promotion services” (aka clickfarms). Yeah, sure, I prefer free organic

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