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The pitfall of the digital assistant

Food for thoughts: digital assistants with voice recognition are suppose to save us time: we can simply speak our mind and they already know how to perform complex tasks, thus saving us the hassle of pushing buttons and carrying out

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… but we are all Facebook users!

“What’s your problem? Nobody is forced to use Facebook, it’s your choice!” Err, no! just because that stupid argument is parroted ad nauseam throughout the internet since, forever, doesn’t make it true. In reality, we are all Facebook users, no

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Is Google Plus shutting down the prelude to something bigger?

Wow, Google is finally retiring it’s social network (well, the one that was publicly called one, Gmail and Youtube are social networks, too). I guess, a lot of SEOs aren’t happy at all right now. After all, Google is not

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The GDPR is here! Panic!

Just had this curious question scroll by: “Should I lock European users out of my website because of the GDPR?”

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The importance of running your own website

Feels like lately you can’t go anywhere without stepping into links leading to always interesting sounding headlines, but when you read the linked article, you usually don’t learn anything of value. I don’t even bother with clicking through anymore,

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Interested in buying a smartphone with a fingerprint sensor?

Fingerprint sensors are broken by design. There’s no way of denying it. You leave your prints on pretty much every smooth surface you touch (i.e. the back of your phone) and you cannot change them, after they get lifted. Compare

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