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Error retrieving information from server. [DF-DFERH-01]

Marvelous, DF-DFERH-01 must be one of the most common Google Play errors out there and there’s virtually no documentation of what it means. Shit ton of (steamroller tactic style) advice on how to fix it, though: “reboot device”, “clear cache”,

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Can’t log into your Google account, even if the password is correct.

It sometimes happens that you can’t log into your Google account with 3rd party clients (e.g. a PC APK downloader). You just get a Bad Authentication error, telling you that your credentials are incorrect (even if they aren’t). What really

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Bypassing region restrictions on Google Play

I keep forgetting this, but since I’m in the process of phasing the akdeniz library out of Raccoon: it may not actually be nescessary to use proxies to bypass region restriction on Google Play. There is a HTTP GET request

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Maybe we don’t need proxys to bypass Google Play region/carrier locks

Still in the middle of figuring out how exactly Google wants things to be done now. Seems like the issue is bigger than I originally thought. (Re)Discovered a curious tidbit, though, which I’ll have to look into, once I have

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Update on the Pagination issue in Raccoon

Ok, I spent some time on figuring out why pagination is broken in Raccoon. About half of what I wrote previously is wrong. So much for trying to solve a problem late night. Current state of knowledge:

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Google Play categories by number

I keep forgetting these, so I better write them down in case I find the time to develop Raccoon  into a full Google Play client (not just for downloading apps): Books Music Apps Movies Unknown/Unused Kiosk

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And Google broke Raccoon again…

Why do they always do this when I have absolutely no spare time to fix problems? /sigh Problem description: Pagination is broken. You just get the first page over and over again when trying to get more results.

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Google under the hood: One Google Account for everything Google

Quoting from Google’s signup page: One Google Account for everything Google And directly below you find the logos of eight services (there are actually more): Search, Gmail, Maps, Youtube, Drive, Picasa, Play and Chrome. Use Android and you find all

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Signing up for a new Google / Gmail account (comparison between webform and smartphone)

More or less just a reminder to myself what information is and what isn’t strictly required when signing up for a new Google Account, depending on whether it is done via web or an Android device.

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