Another day, another cold call

Telephones… you wish, Alexander Graham Bell would have come up with a design that mandates a conductive plate in the earpiece, so you can remotely shock your peer in case s/he says something stupid, behaves like an asshole or both, is a telemarketeer.“Do I wish to switch to a different supplier of electric energy?” – “Sure, thing” (asshole) – “Wait, I need to go downstairs to fetch my contracts folder, can you please hold the line for a moment?”

Sure she can. Indefinetely, as far as I’m concerned. The telephone receiver will spend the next ten minutes off hook while I go clip my toenails.

Cold calls are one of the most expensive forms of advertising. Tieing up their agents by putting them on hold really is teh only language, call center operators understand. If we all did that, their business model would be dead by tomorrow.

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