About the TextFiction game catalog

It hasn’t been a problem so far, but Id like to make the following statement concerning TextFiction and the catalog of games, I keep on my website:I wrote TextFiction with novice players in mind, who have no experience with the genre, yet  and no desire to deal with technical details, such as supported file formats. I can hardly send those users off to the IFDB or the IF Archive. Maintaining my own catalog is a lot less hassle than dealing with “where are the games” support emails, or worse, getting 1* reviews on Play.

I do not, however, have the time to actually play all the games I list. I simply add whatever is compatible and has sufficient information to copy&paste compile an entry from. It goes without saying, that I do a formidably sloppy job there.

If you are the author if one of the listed pieces and feel that I’m not properly crediting your work, feel free to contact me. Please keep the process short, though. I’m willing to modify the entry in question, on the condition that you can come up with proof of authorship and provide me with copy&paste modifications.

If you are an author of a piece that’s not listed (but would like it to be listed), feel free to contact me as well. For practical reasons, I can only accept zcode games written in english, though.


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