Workaround: Importing apps from Raccoon v3.x into v4.x

I know, I promised a v3 to v4 convert feature, but I just can’t seem to get it done this month, since my new years resolution was to abstain from dirty hacks and doing it right requires a surprisingly large amount of work. I’m also not really keen on writing temporary code. So, yeah, let’s fall back to a how-to for now.

Raccoon v4 has a File|Import function. This was actually meant for importing apps from “unknown sources” (think: Humble Bundle) and therefore doesn’t link the APKs up with a Play profile. As a result, the updater will ignore them. So here’s how to manually associate apps with profiles (you should probably know a bit of SQL for this):

  1. Copy all the APKs you want to import into a single (temp) directory, start Raccoon, open the File|Import dialog, hold SHIFT, select all files and click the OK button.
  2. Shut Raccoon down and open ~/Raccoon/content/database/raccoondb_4.script in a texteditor (make a backup first!). Scroll down to till “INSERT INTO ANDROIDAPPS VALUES (aid, …“. You are interested in the AID (the first number after the parenthesis) of all the apps you just imported.
  3. Add a “INSERT INTO PLAYAPPOWNERSHIP VALUES(aid,’playprofile’)” line per app to the end of the file. Replace AID with the number of the app and PLAYPROFILE with the alias of the profile you want to use for updating.


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