Using an icon pack with any Launcher

Just had this crazy idea. It is probably unworkable and legally questionable, but here it goes: icon packs. If you want a consistent look on your homescreen, you need to install a custom launcher and download a pack that likely contains a lot of icons for apps, you do not have. In other words, it’s a giant waste of valuable storage space and you are forced to use a different launcher.

Raccoon could be of use here. Since it keeps the APK files stored on disk, it could also modify them. That means either reducing the size of an icon pack by throwing out unused graphics or directly patching apps to replace their icon.

Replacing the app icon within an APK would minimize the amount of wasted storage space and work with any launcher. However, stock apps can’t be themed this way.

Modifying icon packs just saves storage space, but figuring out which icons can be removed might be a bit tricky.

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