Status update on Raccoon v4.1

Looks like v4.1 will be a lot big bigger (in terms of code changes) than anticipated. The things I wanted to be in there:

  • More user friendly import feature: instead of manually selecting APKs in a file chooser, select a directory (tree) to scan for Android apps.
  • Add commandline support for updating apps again.
  • Add Paypal alternatives for paying for premium features.

The things I have actually been working on so far: untangling code. It’s marvelous how you always end up asking yourself what the hell you were thinking a couple months ago when you wrote the original code. Anyways, I’m mostly done with cleanup, so I can focus on features now.

UPDATE: Just got an email asking for clarifications. Raccoon v4.1 is planned to be a service release and won’t introduce new premium features. Premium features that are already unlocked will automatically carry over. There is no reason to wait for v4.1 if you want to unlock.

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