Raccoon: app search works, download doesn’t

Well folks, we need to talk. Today, I opened my mail client and was greeted with a “Raccoon is broken, fix it!” message. Most of the time that’s the result of a handling error, but once in a while, usually twice a year, Google actually changes something, causing Raccoon to stop working. Figuring out what what that something is, can easily take several days of research.

Raccoon is quite a popular piece of software. How popular? Hard to tell. I don’t track/spy on my users. What I do keep track on, however, is my bank account and sadly there’s a disappointingly large gap between the number of daily downloads and the number of premium keys sold per day. Premium keys are not some kind of optional “good job” tip. They are what pays for my expenses. No sales means no software updates. It is as simple as that.

That being said, yes I am currently investigating the problem, yes, I already have a vague idea of what might be wrong and yes, I intent to fix it. When? That’s (in part) up to you. My motivation to work on Raccoon is directly proportional to my ability to pay the bills. My ability to pay the bills is linked to the number of premium keys, I can sell, so go to the Help|Unlock features and just buy one.

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