Puh, close one – thought my good old Nexus 7 had finally died.

That moment when you press the power button… and nothing happens. Dead battery? Unlikely, the tablet had been hooked up to the charger all day. Crashed? Maybe, but if so, the software locked up completely. I can’t even connect via ADB any more (the tablet won’t even list as an USB device when plugged into my PC). Fried? Hopefully not! I won’t get spare parts for it and even if, it wouldn’t be worth it.

Sadly, that Nexus 7 is my main development machine (yes, really!).

So, act of desperation: if it’s “just” a software issue, then a “hard” reset can fix things. I only need to pry open he case and disconnect the battery from the circuitry for a moment.

Luckily, that did the trick, but there are two lessons to learn here. For me as a developer: always keep a spare device at hand. For you as a user: buying software is what keeps development going. No funding, no updates.

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