“Pssst! You can pay to remove ads from my app” *facepalm* #fail

Sometimes, I really wonder what app developers are thinking (if at all), when offering to remove ads through in-app-purchases.

I mean, what is the strategy here? Threatening users with violating their privacy and wasting their bandwidth in the hope of some of them being able to figure out that buying apps comes cheaper in the long run than paying their telco for extra data? Offering to buy “ad free” is admitting/realizing that advertisement won’t work as business model and pissing potential real customers in the face at the same time!

Of course, the idiocy doesn’t stop there. Actually giving the option to buy “ad free” creates internal competition between what are effectively two versions of the same app. Capitalism 101 teaches us that competition drives down prices. How stupid do you have to be to want to compete with yourself? The result is just the admittedly non-working business model (advertisement) holding back the other one (paid app). The smart thing to do would be to ditch whichever business model performs worst and concentrate on making the other work, not desperately clinging to both.

Creating a “good” app, something that stands out of the competition, takes several months to develop. How on earth do people even come up with the idea that if advertisement doesn’t make up for the development cost, then adding an “ad free” IAP will? The default option (“with ads”) prohibits charging a cost-effective price while drawing customers away from the paid-for product at the same time.

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