Google Play categories by number

I keep forgetting these, so I better write them down in case I find the time to develop Raccoon  into a full Google Play client (not just for downloading apps):

  1. Books
  2. Music
  3. Apps
  4. Movies
  5. Unknown/Unused
  6. Kiosk
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No, sending a confirmation email is not proper validation!

After hitting “publish” on my previous blog post, I had kinda hoped, not having to explain why the lazy-ass “just sent a confirmation mail” option is not a proper method for validating an email address, but apparently, a lot of people seem to hold a different opinion there. So here are my counter arguments: Read more ›

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Validating Email Addresses with a Regex? Do yourself a favor and don’t

Let’s say you got a simple problem: build a form that allows a user to sign up for a newsletter. Obviously, you need to prevent users from entering junk while still allowing “exotic” addresses.

What does a valid address look like? Intuitively one would say:

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The importance of running your own website

Feels like lately you can’t go anywhere without stepping into links leading to always interesting sounding headlines, but when you read the linked article, you usually don’t learn anything of value. I don’t even bother with clicking through anymore, when I see that domain. Read more ›

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And Google broke Raccoon again…

Why do they always do this when I have absolutely no spare time to fix problems?


Problem description: Pagination is broken. You just get the first page over and over again when trying to get more results. Read more ›

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Interested in buying a smartphone with a fingerprint sensor?

Fingerprint sensors are broken by design. There’s no way of denying it. You leave your prints on pretty much every smooth surface you touch (i.e. the back of your phone) and you cannot change them, after they get lifted. Compare that to password protection: everyone knows that you should never write your passwords down and change them immediately once someone else figures them out. Read more ›

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A fast Java parser for Semantic Versioning with correct precedence ordering

I have a love/hate relationship with semantic versioning. Not because it uses three instead of just two version numbers, but because of the rattail of pre release and meta tags you can append to it and the insanely complex rules you have to follow when you do. I mean, take the following three examples:

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Associate Android Developer exam… seriously?

Looks like you can buy certified developer training for Android from Google now, if you are at least 13 years old. Sure, it’s something you can tack to your resume and in some places it might probably be a door opener, if not a requirement and that’s the sad part, really. I mean, we are talking Android here: Read more ›

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How to get your app noticed – Part II

Part I was all about cross promotion and naturally I caught flak: how dare I write something like that under the title “how to get your app noticed” and not give a detailed step by step, easy to follow tutorial on how to get your first app noticed? Well, let’s do that today! Read more ›

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Four months and Pokemon Go will be dead…

Let’s do something you are only allowed to do on the internet: tell the world about how a product will fail that you have never even tried yourself! Read more ›

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