Let there be hackjob (DummyDroid updated)…

The plan was to rewrite DummyDroid from scratch, get rid of the ugly code and make it more userfriendly (ideally let it clone a device via USB) while I’m at it. Unfortunately, that would have taken several weeks (yes, the code rot is that bad) and in the meantime, no one would have been able to generate GSF IDs for mock devices (there are/were alternatives to DummyDroid, but I don’t think their respective authors bothered adapting to Google’s changed login procedure, yet). So, hack job time!

DummyDroid v1.2 is a case of “it compiles, ship it”. Cobbled together by merging in some code from Raccoon, compiled by guessing how the build process was suppose to work, using a source tree that’s in disarray. I’m not proud of it. I probably won’t bother cleaning things up, so no source code at the moment, either. This is only a temporary solution anyways.

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