Humble Bundle just died for me

Imagine that, finally they make a mobile bundle with an adventure game again and oh joy, it’s even Broken Sword 5! Instant buy!

Uhm, why is the game split into two episodes? Oh, a combined total of 3 GB? Yeah, ok understandable, not everyone has that much free space on their device. Better make some fresh coffee, this will be a loooooong download.

Not 5 minutes later: download complete! Wait? What? Did someone upgrade my DSL line without telling me? Dream on! Instead of the full game, Humble Bundle only distributes installer APKs that will pull the actual thing from $SOMEWHERE. Eh, hello? Earth to Humble Bundle management: anyone at home?! Your website not only states “DRM free”, but this is in fact your unique selling point. The reason I buy from you is precisely because I don’t want to be at the mercy of some license/download server. I also most certainly don’t want to spend several hours re-downloading  games whenever I feel like playing them again. And I definitely don’t want to open my firewall to an app on the pretense of having to download assets, while it tracks me behind my back, using Google Analytics.

So, yeah, utter disappointment. I was really looking forward to playing Broken Sword 5, but not under these conditions. False advertisement and betraying my trust (with tracking) is a “money back” on principle case.

UPDATE: Sent in a support ticket and got a refund without problems.

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