How to remove bad reviews from your app on Google Play

Tell me if this sounds familiar to you.

You just finished uploading the app, you worked on for months to Google Play. Now everything depends on getting good reviews, but alas…

  • Some users think the review section is a support forum and give you 1 star ratings because of it. You could answer them in the Play Developer console, but having a conversation that way is tedious.
  • Other users give you a 1 star review because your app just is not what they were expecting (even though it does exactly what the description says it would). Again, you could reply to the review in the developer console, but that’s a waste of time. The offender might not notice your comment, resulting in it getting buried and the 1 star rating dragging you down forever.
  • There are those particular assholes who see 1 star reviews to blackmail developers into changing the app according to their whims. Of course, by the time you deliver (assuming, they were demanding a reasonable feature in the first place), they have completely forgotten about their promise and the 1 star rating stays in place.
  • You inevitably get 1 star ratings without any comment at all. These are anonymous! You are not only not told what’s wrong, but don’t even get the chance to contact the user to remedy the situation!

All of the above can easily get your blood to boil, but let’s keep in mind, that not all of these users are necessarily assholes. Some might just not know better, don’t realize the harm they are causing and can be convinced to change their rating. Only problem: you’d need to contact them first, but Google isn’t making that easy at all!

So, want a solution? Here’s mine, the Raccoon Review Browser!

Using RRB is pretty straight forward. You just give it the (package-)name of your app and it downloads all reviews matching the filter settings. Clicking on a user’s name will then open their GPlus profile in your webbrowser. As a bonus, RBB will even show the users who only rated, but didn’t leave a message (and would therefore be completely invisible otherwise).

Note: the Raccoon Review Browser is not a standalone application, but depends on the Raccoon APK downloader, so you need to install that first.

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