Help Wanted: Got a phone/tablet with a debug build of Android 6 or higher?

I’m kinda stuck here, trying to keep Raccoon up to date with the latest changes on Google Play. It’s nothing critical (yet), but we are missing out on some fancy stuff since Raccoon can’t interpret some of the data it gets from the servers (wouldn’t it be lovely to have a clientside filter for removing adware from the search results?).

My problem is not having a recent version of the official Google Play app that hasn’t been processed through Pro Guard (the newest I got is pulled from a 2012 Nexus 7). I don’t know if the file I need even publicly exists, but if it does, I’d expect it to be on phone/tablet with a debug build of Android that hasn’t been updated through Google Play, yet (original ROM still unmodified).

So, instructions for anyone wanting to help:

First figure out if you have a debug build of your ROM. This can be done by inspecting the build.prop file or using ADB:

(should mention “debug” at the end).

If you happen to have a device with a debug build, try to locate a file called “Phonesky.apk” (that’s the Google Play client). It should be somewhere under /system/app (but that can vary from device to device). Some vendors will even put it in a hidden folder so you either need root or learn the path by querying the packagemanager and doing some educated guessing:

You can then download the apk by appending “Phonesky.apk” to the “codePath”, e.g.:

If you are successful, please mail me a link to the file (not the APK itself!) and the fingerprint of the device.


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