Google really doesn’t want paid apps on Play, do they?

I just had this magnificent idea: why not put an app on Play that serves as a license key for Raccoon? Once you download that app via Raccoon, it automatically unlocks the premium features. No need to manually mess around with keys, no need to deal with Paypal. In fact, you could even stay entirely anonymous by using Play gift cards!

Well, nice idea… till you learn that Big G takes a 30% cut from all sales! I already thought that Paypal’s 0.35 EUR + 1.9% was ludicrous (does Paypal work like Gringotts? Little goblins carrying heavy money bags from vault to vault? Variable weight would justify the 1.9%), but Google really takes the biscuit here!

I mean, sure, we could go that route, but who’d want to pay around ~25% extra just to get around Paypal?

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