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When Raccoon can’t find a specific app on Play…

Just had a rather long email exchange concerning a particularly elusive app and it ended with a facepalm moment (as in: why didn’t I think of that?).

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Using an icon pack with any Launcher

Just had this crazy idea. It is probably unworkable and legally questionable, but here it goes: icon packs. If you want a consistent look on your homescreen, you need to install a custom launcher and download a pack that likely

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TextFiction really needs a bit of love…

Funny story: some three years ago or so, someone suggested that smartphones would be the ideal platform for playing text adventures (after all, people used to text like crazy). Seemed plausible, so I made TextFiction and lo and behold! Nobody

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A fast Java parser for Semantic Versioning with correct precedence ordering

I have a love/hate relationship with semantic versioning. Not because it uses three instead of just two version numbers, but because of the rattail of pre release and meta tags you can append to it and the insanely complex rules

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Google under the hood: One Google Account for everything Google

Quoting from Google’s signup page: One Google Account for everything Google And directly below you find the logos of eight services (there are actually more): Search, Gmail, Maps, Youtube, Drive, Picasa, Play and Chrome. Use Android and you find all

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Raccoon v3.5 and DummyDroid no longer working

Things just tend to break when you have absolutely no time to fix them. It looks like Google shut off “ClientLogin” for good now in order to push for OAUTH2. As a result, neither DummyDroid nor Raccoon are able to

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