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…Hey, want to sign up for a “free” account?

… We all have them, friends and relatives that jump for anything “free”. After all, if you don’t have to pay for, what’s the harm? Well, welcome to contract law. By definition, a contract is a formless, but legally binding

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Does your phone have a lockscreen? If so, why?

Stupid question, right? Your phone has a lockscreen to protect your data, of course! Well, “protecting your data” is an idiot phrase. Catchy, easy to repeat and so abstract that it can mean everything, which in the end means nothing.

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How worried should you be about the NSA’s plans to hijack Google Play (Project “IRRITANT HORN”)?

The Intercept reported that the NSA has or had plans for a man in the middle attack on app stores with the goal of swapping out apps for their “special version” while you download them. The article unfortunately doesn’t really

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Oh, by the way, don’t sell your used phone…

What’s the first thing you do when buying a new Android phone? Well, unless you are a bit paranoid, you hook it up with your Google account (it’s kinda difficult not to). What’s the last thing you do before passing

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What exactly is a GSF ID? Where do I get it from and why should I care?

Let’s first tick off the cursory answers real quick, so we are all on the same page: GSF ID stands for Google Services Framework Identifier. The GSF ID is a unique 16 character hexadecimal number. Your device automatically requests a

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Mozilla wants to pull the plug on HTTP…

According to their latest blog post, Mozilla wants to drop support of HTTP in favor of HTTPS in the long run. In theory, that’s a good decision. Unencrypted web traffic is not even a good idea for websites that host

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