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Do not use fingerprint sensors! Period!

I had this discussion with a friend the other day, who is now the proud owner of a fingerprint protected front door and smartphone, but since fingerprint scanners are creeping into more and more security appliances, it is worth repeating

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Catch-22: When Raccoon suddenly stops working…

Back in the v3 days, I used to have this idiot discussion about handling passwords every other week. Some weisenheimer would notice that Raccoon only prompts for a password during setup. Then, dug through the config file, just to find

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Can someone explain to me why we are still required to sign our Android apps?

With Android O, we are well into the second half of the alphabet (no pun intended) and the Android packagemanager still requires apps to be signed. Why exactly?!

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Explaining “privacy” to the layman (in easy terms)

Andrew has a dog named Chomper. Andrew isn’t as stupid as to use his dogs name anywhere as the answer to a password recovery question, but he doesn’t see why he should keep the name secret either. After all, he

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Interested in buying a smartphone with a fingerprint sensor?

Fingerprint sensors are broken by design. There’s no way of denying it. You leave your prints on pretty much every smooth surface you touch (i.e. the back of your phone) and you cannot change them, after they get lifted. Compare

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Anyone still using Blackberry? Well, stop it!

Quite a world view, Blackberry’s CEO John Chen has there: BLACKBERRY CEO John Chen has said he is “disturbed” by Apple’s tough approach to encryption and user privacy, warning that the firm’s attitude is harmful to society. […] Chen remarked:

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Antivirus software is snake oil!

Let’s say you download a file you do not trust. What do you do? Well, you run it through an anti virus scanner to see if it is safe, of course! Question: why do you trust the anti virus scanner?

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*Poof* your GMail has been disabled

Read in the voice of Gandalf, quoting the engravings of the ring to Frodo: One Google Account for everything Google So it is written on their sign-up page. And an alluring promise it is. The song of praise for the

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…Hey, want to sign up for a “free” account?

… We all have them, friends and relatives that jump for anything “free”. After all, if you don’t have to pay for, what’s the harm? Well, welcome to contract law. By definition, a contract is a formless, but legally binding

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Does your phone have a lockscreen? If so, why?

Stupid question, right? Your phone has a lockscreen to protect your data, of course! Well, “protecting your data” is an idiot phrase. Catchy, easy to repeat and so abstract that it can mean everything, which in the end means nothing.

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