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Artifex Mundi on Humble Bundle (go get it)

Time  to give Humble Bundle a second chance after that Broken Sword fiasco (still pissed about that). My expectations for the Artifex Mundi bundle weren’t to high to begin with. After all, a whopping 10 titles from just one developer

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And another day lost…

I have this 1920 x 1080 widescreen monitor and it was seriously one of the best hardware investments, I made in a long time. Totally silly of me to try to stick with 4:3 screens for as long as I

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No, sending a confirmation email is not proper validation!

After hitting “publish” on my previous blog post, I had kinda hoped, not having to explain why the lazy-ass “just sent a confirmation mail” option is not a proper method for validating an email address, but apparently, a lot of

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Associate Android Developer exam… seriously?

Looks like you can buy certified developer training for Android from Google now, if you are at least 13 years old. Sure, it’s something you can tack to your resume and in some places it might probably be a door

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Four months and Pokemon Go will be dead…

Let’s do something you are only allowed to do on the internet: tell the world about how a product will fail that you have never even tried yourself!

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Anyone still using Blackberry? Well, stop it!

Quite a world view, Blackberry’s CEO John Chen has there: BLACKBERRY CEO John Chen has said he is “disturbed” by Apple’s tough approach to encryption and user privacy, warning that the firm’s attitude is harmful to society. […] Chen remarked:

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The “sponsored locations” advertising model behind Pokemon Go

So, Niantic officially disclosed their plans to make money through “sponsored locations”, where business owners can place virtual goods on their premises in order to lure in players and everyone seems to be happy about the company having come up

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I really wish, Google would fix the review/rating System on Play.

As a developer, I find the review/rating System on Play really infuriating. And I’m not even talking about the dozens of Spam mails I get every week from Sleezeballs promising me fake reviews (thanks Google for mandating a public email

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What’s the best antivirus software to use?

Just got word that apparently some popular antivirus software reports my apk downloader as ransomware. Why? Good question! But that brings me to the topic of today’s rant: what antivirus software should you use? The short answer is: use your

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Humble Bundle just died for me

Imagine that, finally they make a mobile bundle with an adventure game again and oh joy, it’s even Broken Sword 5! Instant buy! Uhm, why is the game split into two episodes? Oh, a combined total of 3 GB? Yeah,

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