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Bypassing region restrictions on Google Play

I keep forgetting this, but since I’m in the process of phasing the akdeniz library out of Raccoon: it may not actually be nescessary to use proxies to bypass region restriction on Google Play. There is a HTTP GET request

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Maybe we don’t need proxys to bypass Google Play region/carrier locks

Still in the middle of figuring out how exactly Google wants things to be done now. Seems like the issue is bigger than I originally thought. (Re)Discovered a curious tidbit, though, which I’ll have to look into, once I have

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Update on the Pagination issue in Raccoon

Ok, I spent some time on figuring out why pagination is broken in Raccoon. About half of what I wrote previously is wrong. So much for trying to solve a problem late night. Current state of knowledge:

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Google Play categories by number

I keep forgetting these, so I better write them down in case I find the time to develop Raccoon  into a full Google Play client (not just for downloading apps): Books Music Apps Movies Unknown/Unused Kiosk

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And Google broke Raccoon again…

Why do they always do this when I have absolutely no spare time to fix problems? /sigh Problem description: Pagination is broken. You just get the first page over and over again when trying to get more results.

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Google under the hood: One Google Account for everything Google

Quoting from Google’s signup page: One Google Account for everything Google And directly below you find the logos of eight services (there are actually more): Search, Gmail, Maps, Youtube, Drive, Picasa, Play and Chrome. Use Android and you find all

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Signing up for a new Google / Gmail account (comparison between webform and smartphone)

More or less just a reminder to myself what information is and what isn’t strictly required when signing up for a new Google Account, depending on whether it is done via web or an Android device.

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