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Adding TOR support to Raccoon

I get this feature request once in a while: adding TOR support to Raccoon. I totally understand the motivation. Privacy, after all, is one of Raccoon’s main goals. However, when it comes to supporting TOR, I think, I would not

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Raccoon v4.0.1 released!

What can I say? Today’s the day, I’m finally flipping the switch and declare Raccoon v3 to be obsolete! Say hello to the all new Raccoon v4!

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Increasing the downloadcount of your Apps on Google Play

I occasionally get mail from Android App developers asking me, if and how they can use Raccoon to boost their app’s install counter on the Playstore.

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Update on the Pagination issue in Raccoon

Ok, I spent some time on figuring out why pagination is broken in Raccoon. About half of what I wrote previously is wrong. So much for trying to solve a problem late night. Current state of knowledge:

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Google Play categories by number

I keep forgetting these, so I better write them down in case I find the time to develop Raccoon  into a full Google Play client (not just for downloading apps): Books Music Apps Movies Unknown/Unused Kiosk

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And Google broke Raccoon again…

Why do they always do this when I have absolutely no spare time to fix problems? /sigh Problem description: Pagination is broken. You just get the first page over and over again when trying to get more results.

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Raccoon not finding Pokemon Go?

Since I just had a couple mails about this: Raccoon is able to download Pokemon Go, but Play allows developers to geo block their products (and Niantic uses geo blocking to stop their servers from getting overrun). If you are

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Pokemon Go APK download

Looks like Pokemon Go is the hottest game for Android right now and I just noticed the curious lack of support requests in my inbox. In fact, I haven’t had a single ticket in weeks, asking about how to download

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Workaround: Raccoon v3.6 login error with new accounts

Is it your dream to one day work for Google? Stop dreaming! By now I spent quite some time digging around in the Android codebase and “nightmare” is pretty much the nicest word I can find for it. Android under

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Hotfix release for Raccoon

Well, that went faster than expected. Thanks to all who helped! The trick simply was to masquerade as a Jelly Bean device when requesting the AUTH token (cheers for legacy devices which Google can’t afford to lock out of Play,

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